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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 22, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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you an'ttunderstand that. understanddthaa.ybody can >> ssx coffins line a baltimore city church. the emotional good-bye from friends and famill members. a house drifted away. the track we're most likely to see anddhow much we could get in my skywatch forecast. missing in las vvgas. baltimore the previous run-ins that has police looking at her ex-boyfrienn and the clues her
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jennifer gilbert is offnd. tonight. hundreds of people crowded church today for a funeral for sixxmembers of a family killed last week in a house fire.@ kearrs kathleen cairns is live. the life of three children, their mother and their grandparents. outside the empowerment temple, @%x hearsss are lined up. i don't think anybody can @%derstand this. and evennaa a preaaher trying to say, welll they are in a better -lace. for mmst folks the better place is hereewiih us. >> reporter: nside six offins are placed side by side. hhndreds of people who have come to pay thhir final respects to
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>> they will be ith jjsus and we're working to get there. reporter: a steady stream of mourners, fammlyymembers say the >> it's going tt be very hard, >> reporter: the bodies tiara to rest. -lnora and richard satterfield will be buried on onday n roxbury, north carolina. loved ones gather in baltimooe city to bid farewell to the teenager who possibly fell from an aircraft. %-delvonte tisdale was in the @%proached boston.plane as it3 the parents say theii son was bullled so badll he took his own life. 15-year-old hanned hhmself tt
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death in the bedroom of his hoose.@ he was dislexxc and removed from high school and plaaed in an alternative learning ccnterr %-him, plain and simple.ell for school was a living hell for him. he dreaded getting up and going because offthe way he as treated. has not commenned on thii case. the family has obtained n legallty natives. a man is shottand killed in southeast baltimore. midnight. the victim has yet to be identified. no arrests havv been madee this brings the total homicide count in baltimore o 217 for p>> the holiday season can be fun but also it can bb
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dangerous.3 what state and local leaaers are doing about it to keep people safe rom fires this hhoiday season. >> reporter: there have been 15 fire deaths in maryland this that killeddthose six family memberr in eest ballimore. althougg we don't know the cause holiday decorations and unsafe3 heatiig practices often lead to house firrs.@ today tte governor and mayor jooned others to educate residents on how they can3 they say the number ooe thing is to makeesure you have a working smooe detector. >> your loved ones, friends,,3 neeghbors, if you know someone who does not have a workkng smoke alarm, pass this information along. maybe sure ttey knnw they can ccll a number and get a free %-installed..3 and get it >> reporter: that smoke detector
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you can call that number and get a smoke detector,,instaal it in your home for free. @%tips llter tonight on fox 45y -ews at 10.3 myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 5:30. the preakness stays in maryland at least one more@ year. melinda roeder live from pimlico to xplain it is a short-term fix at best. melinda? >> reporter: hat's right. ggvernor o'malley as part of ttis deal will take some money from slot machine revenues and redirect ii to the trrcks. this is mooey that was earmarke@ as capital improvements to the @%ack.3 costs instead. as a result they said they had %-racing. buttto cancel livv so this deal will not only keep laurrl but it will also save
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year, buu after that they will %-plan that will go the distanc. p> so for 2011 we're ggod to move forward. but there's still issues for 12, 13 anddwe haae to find a solution. %-any major upgrades to the for@ track. however, they wwll focus on marketing. this deal will guaranty the preakness hhs a lace to call home. it will aaso kkep the trrining @%nter opened until 2011. 5:300da roeder, fox 45 news at %-surrive in the state ofcing maryland? telllus what you thhnk. you can sound off through facebook. senndus a tweet to ffx fox baltimore or text your answee. your response may air tonight on the news at 10. a teenager issstruck by car in northwest baltimore.
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it happened on barrington road and garson boulevard about 2:30 this afternoon..3 the 14-year-old was rushed to hopkins withhleg iijuries. police say the driver of a gray volvo fled the scenee3 immediately. how are the roads looking tonight? -auree cook now has oor traffic3 hello, lauren. >> reporter: hello, jjff. we do haveeseveral accidents tonight.%it's shuttdown wise ra. you want to stick with northbound raoe road as our alternate. honey grove boulevvrd, and if only looking at 13 miles per problems will persist as you travel north on 95 into harvard counny where we''e deeling with a crash on thh northbound lanes at mountain road. you'll notice thh delays ave dissipated quite a bit. %-traveling in artford coonty. here's a live look in the howard
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195. you'll notice a little bbt more volume in this viciniiy ut3 everything seems to be moving up to speed. %-county you want to atch out for. for those oo you traveling the belt way watch out for some %-inner loop at park heightsght avenue. yyu'll noticc a decenn mount of volume traveling along the inne@ loop and outer loop lanes here. here's a llok at providence road where you'll nooice cars are moving along just fine. we're dealing witt little delays though at 83. that will continue as we make the push up to belfasttroad..3 a look at your traffic edge. jeff, back tt you. >> thanks so much, lauren. here we go again, the threat of winter weather this oliddy %-the worst.ccrwsspreparinggfor why this storm could be very, very costly.@
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michael? to you, the roads tonight, they are snowy. crews monitor the potential for a winterrblast over the weekend aad f it happens the city will be required to call in more tha@ going to have to pay s much as double time and ime and a half. monday ii also a furlough day in the city. theemayor is hoping the snow holds off. snoo for a multitudd off3 reaaons. overtime ppy is just one of them.@ >> we would call thh crewsen3 %-thhre's no special treatment >> reportee: the city spent@@% @%out $200,000 cleaning the roads. the budget here in the city for3 snow rrmoval is aboutt$3.5 million. >> foo 45 news at 5:30.@
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>> michael, it's sttll up in tte air however aa to exactly what is goong to occur wwth the snow this upcoming weekend. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us nnw wiih a prrview. has going to happen? >> it's kind of up in the air bbcause we have clear skies out there now. those temperaturee are trying to kind of set us up to let some cold air move in from the norrh. -atching the west. -e have to watch the trrck of this storm becaase this is going to determine the path, whether it's going to cooe up the eastt3 coast or head ut into the atlantic. that is what we're watching. ii'l show you more details about this potential stoom coming up. food, bufffe, feer, what terrorists may bb planning in rrstaurants innthe u.s. tv station is evacuated and goes off the air when woman comes into the lobby with a gun. why pooice say she was so3 diitraughttcoming up next. á@8f2&
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ten days nnw the search continues for a woman who left baltimore city to pursue her dreem s a show irl in las vegaa.
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joyylepola ttlling us he focus ssill seems to be on the woman's >> reporter: 1-yeaa-oldddebbie flores was last seen at her boyfriend's housee %-but there is a history ofspect violence between the two. she worked as a financial@ leaving maryland to become a dancer in vegas. 12th t her ex-boyfriindds homm. in october griffithhwas@ arrested, accusee of pushing her to the ground, pulling her hair3 %-police say he is cooperating. >> we have spoken with her @%-boyfriend and he stated they %-she then left in her vehicle, ann of she left, everytthng was fine and she seemed to be fine. %-debbbe'sscar without its licee plates in north as vegas.
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@%y lepola, fox 45 news at 5:30. president barack obama makes history siining into laawthe repeal of don't ask, don't tell. it will let gays openly erve in the military.@ after president obama put ppn to paper today. this fulfills the president's long-standing promise tooend tte @%pulsionssof gay personnel from >> no longer will tens of thousands of americans in uniform be sked to live a lie or look over tteir shoolder n order tt serve the country that they love. the mmlitary needs a transition period involviig orientation and education for all its some terror analysts say al-quida maa verr well use food poissning oo americans. intelligence reports kate onee33 allquida group thought of sppeading poison onnsalad bars
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%estaurants. he feds downplay this saying itts been onntheir radar screen for months. to wssc-tv in charlotte after a woman armmd with a gun enteeed3 the building and put theegun to her head. the news ccst immediately went tt black anndthe building was cleared out. the woman fiially surrendered to authorities. %-financial stationn nottangry wiih the teleeision station. a nottso jolly holiday. the people most likely to get grumpy abouu hristmasstrees next. %-the damage non-stop rain is causing out west. we saw a few clouus out there, a few snow showers over
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turns out christmms displays %-holiddy spirii.cessarily scientists say those who don't uneasy when they are surrouuddd by hristmas decorations. the exact opposite would be true for those who do celebrate or they wouldd't decorate in the first place. the holiday season is here and spirit withhus and we certainly
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appreciate it. lola from altimore ciiy sent in look at rudolph sitting by his you can watch ouu holiiay stories, our ssldier greetings as well, send us your holiday photos for all to see. wild weather out wst. flood waters in the state of arizona so powerful homee aree3 swept away. this incredible individual was3 taaen in the town of %-it spllshes into flood watees and floats away. four homes washed awayyand others are still in jeopardy as weespeakk the cleanup from storm damage in california continues. it's bben raining non--stop @%ere for days..3 trees fell on caas and homes in theehollywood hills. backkhhee at hhme hhef meteorologist vytas rrid is trackiin a few senarios for possible snow. yoo'rr a busy guyy
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have a potennial of a winner@ storm in the making. this is one of hose storms. over ann over again, kind oforms give us a questionnble run which -e'll see moreeclearing thrrugh 44 was our igh today. so tempeeattre wiseestill pretty decent because we hit our normal off44.. we'veebeen in he colder sector the last couple of daas.@ cloudss weell staat to see the clluds filter off through the night tonight and then into tomorrow region. look thheing at ourrfuturr scan@ you can see the scanning taking place. stiil some scattered snow showers on the westernnedge of @%tentiil of this next storm. that video you saw of all thht rain and the flooding that's3@ going on ovee there over
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california and parts of new like this area of low pressure, we have to wwtch this very closely.@ it's showing the path of the 1993 super storm. snow up in tennessee and parts@ of thh south friday niggt into so ssturday lookk like north of@ christmas but we have to watch theeturn of the storr ovee georgia and south caaolina. if it trrcks and starrs making a turn up the coast, weehave to watch very closely, we are in the ssow secretary ear llng thh %-significant snowfalllon sunday night innoomonday causing a lot of delays all across the mid aalanticcand new ennland states. %-over texas, getting into the south once agaii. atlantic, doeen'' make that turn to the left, more of the snoww
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will affect the new england states up towards canada and we won't see anything at all. we''l have to watch the track verr closely as we go down the rood. sunday we'll probably potentiilly get somettinn. monnay 35 degrres, partly clouds @%night looking at 37, clearing skies. tomorrow we'll see plenty of a little bit breezy out there. i'll have our seven-day forecast coming up in just a itt i wasn't really that hunggy %-a last-minute decision tos.
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